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Candidates For Certificate Completion

Thank you.

We have placed #firstName# #MIName# #lastName# on the list for completion of #course#. Thank you for submitting your request for a Graduate Certificate from
NJIT. This initiates the process of your transcript review. Once
completed, if you have satisfied the certificate requirements, the
Office of Graduate Studies will certify your record and the information
will be recorded on your NJIT transcript. You will receive your paper
credential in the mail based on the schedule below.*

NJIT hopes that through your studies, you have gained valuable
information to help you with your educational and career goals. As you
know, each certificate has a corresponding Master's degree. Each
Master's degree is only 30 credits and all 12 credits from your
certificate will transfer into the Master's degree should you consider
applying. Also, if you sustained the required 3.0 Grade Point Average,
your application will be favorably considered and you may be waived from
standardized tests such as the GRE.

NJIT also has an extensive Professional Development program, should you
be looking for short courses to further enhance your education.
*All Graduate Certificates will be sent out upon completion of the
approval process. Due to the volume of request received per semester,
and the number of approvals to be obtained via various departments,
certificates are disbursed according to the schedule listed below:

Certificates requested and disbursed according to the schedule below:
1. Certificates requested between the months of Jan. - May - will be sent out by the end of June
2. Certificates requested between the months of June - August - will be sent out by the end of September
3. Certificates requested between the months of Sept. - Dec. - will be sent out by the end of January

Once again congratulations on achieving this important higher education
milestone and thank you for choosing NJIT as a partner in your education.

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Candidates For Certificate Completion

This form is to be used by non-matriculated certificate student who have completed all courses in an approved certificate.

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