Academic Credit Certificate Students: Use the Academic Credit Certificate application to apply as a first time Certificate student. Access the online Certificate application by clicking here.

Non-Matriculated Students:

If you are

  • applying to take up to 9 graduate credits or up to 15 undergraduate credits as a non-matriculated (non-degree/non-certificate seeking) student, please Go to the CPE Online Non-Matric Application

Degree Students: If you want to apply to a degree program you need to fill out the NJIT Application for Matriculated Studies

Note: A Non-Matriculated student who has taken or exceeded 9 credits of graduate work or 15 credits of undergraduate work or Graduate Certificate students who have completed the credential and wishes to go on to earn an NJIT masters degree must apply as a matriculated, degree-seeking student.

Go to the NJIT Graduate and Undergraduate Studies Application

IMPORTANT: To expedite the application process, please provide MMR immunization records with your application. Distance learners who will complete their program entirely on-line do not need to document immunization history since distance learning students will not be attending classes on a college campus.